SDP EDK -02 5 PIECE Electronic Drumkit


Ideal for all drummers from learning to experienced looking for a compact and sturdy kit, the EDS 908-6 kit offers great value for cost with mesh head drums, an independent hi-hat tower and the EDS-908 module including a training mode and backing tracks.

Drum Kit:

-Metal Frame
-Drum Module (EDS-908) with mounting bracket and power adaptor
-4 Mesh Head Dual Trigger Snare/Tom drum pads
-Mesh Head Bass Drum Trigger Pad
-Bass Drum Pedal
-2 Cymbals (1 crash and 1 ride)
-Hi-Hat with open/close control
-Hi-Hat Stand with pedal

Module features:
-22 preset drum kits sound sets and 5 user defined drum kits
-Pitch, level, pan, reverb, velocity, sens, mask and note ID customisation
-Velocity sensitivity
-Recording and playback
-Training mode with adjustable volume and tempo
-Training backing tracks in 43 preset rhythm styles and one custom style
-Master Volume control
-MP3 Volume Control
-Line output
-Headphone output
-USB output
-Line input


Always wanted an electronic drum kit with a real drum feel? Well here it is!

The Sonic Drive SDP-EDK-02 Electronic Drum Kit certainly achieved this with its mesh heads, 5-6 lug steel hoops, larger snare drum size, real hi-hat configuration and bass drum complete with mesh head.

Heaps of room for adjustments and tweaking of your drum kit’s sound. You can adjust pitch, level, stereo pan, reverb (type and amount), velocity, sensitivity, EQ, trigger scan technology and of course voice (type of drum).

This kit is built like a tank! It has a heavy duty rack frame which is VERY sturdy and doesn’t move around at all, but is quick and easy to pack up for transport. The heavy duty chain driven bass drum pedal has a great feel and is built absolutely rock solid.

Comes with a matching hi-hat stand and two boom cymbal arms.


 Drum kit consists of:

• 1 x Heavy Duty Rack Stand

• 1 x Heavy Duty Chrome Curved Drum Rack

• 1 x Drum Module (EDS-908) and Mounting Bracket (Includes Power Adaptor)

• 4 x Mesh Head Dual Trigger Snare/Toms

(1 x Snare & 3 x Toms)

• 1 x Mesh Head Bass Drum Trigger Pad

• 1 x Bass Drum Pedal

• 2 x Metal cymbals with Cymbal Choke & Boom Arm Attachments

• 1 x Metal HiHat with open/close trigger

• 1 x HiHat Stand

• 1 X Pair Drumsticks


Module features:

• 22 Drumkits and 5 user defined drum kits

• Editable Drumkit

• Pitch Adjust

• Rec/Playback

• Adjustable Levels

• Stereo Pan

• Reverb (Type and Amount)

• Velocity Sensitivity

• EQ

• Trigger Scan Technology

• Voicing

• Metronome & Tempo Adjustment

• Master Volume Control

• MP3 Volume Control

• Adjustable Song Tempo

• 44 Built in songs

• USB Output Connectio

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